Jennifer L. Reed Bioenergy Science Award

The Jennifer L. Reed Bioenergy Science Award is given annually to an early career woman who has made significant contributions to the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center research portfolio.

Originally called the GLBRC Early Career Woman in Bioenergy Sciences Award, it was established in 2018 to recognize the impacts of early career women on the success of the Center.

The award is open to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior scientists who identify as women, are funded by the Center, and have demonstrated excellence during their time in the GLBRC. Eligible individuals are nominated by the research coordinators and evaluated by Center leadership based on their GLBRC publication record, representation of their research at high-impact Center events (including the U.S. Department of Energy annual review, Genomic Sciences Program, and other conferences), and service to the Center (such as outreach activities and Annual Science Meeting planning). Generous support for this award is provided by INFORS HT.

Jennifer Reed's research and leadership efforts have garnered numerous prestigious awards, including early career awards from the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy and the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers in 2013. This award was named after her to inspire others to follow in her footsteps of leadership, research excellence, and recognition for highly accomplished early career women scientists.

2020 Recipient: Gracielou Klinger

Gracielou Klinger Gracielou Klinger Chelsea Mamott

In honor of her significant accomplishments and contributions to the GLBRC, the 2020 recipient of the Jennifer L. Reed Bioenergy Science Award is Gracielou Klinger, GLBRC scientist and graduate student in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Chemistry departments at Michigan State University. Gracielou got her first taste of research in the GLBRC, as a summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) student at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2013. She worked in the Experimental Fermentation Lab with Yaoping Zhang, who encouraged her to apply to graduate school at one of the GLBRC institutions. In 2014, Gracielou started research as a graduate student under the guidance of Eric Hegg and James E. Jackson at Michigan State University.

Read about what sparked her interest in biofuels research, her passion for science communication, and her journey from undergraduate researcher to graduate student in our profile of Gracielou here »

Past Recipients

2019: Anne-Sophie Bohrer
The 2019 recipient of the Reed Bioenergy Award was Anne-Sophie Bohrer, GLBRC scientist and postdoctoral fellow at Michigan State University. Read about her research into maximizing the yield of switchgrass and her passion for science outreach in our 2019 profile of Anne-Sophie here »

2018: Rebecca Smith
The 2018 recipient of the Reed Bioenergy Award was Rebecca Smith, GLBRC assistant scientist at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Read about what drew her to studying plants as a career and her innovative research into making lignin more digestible in our 2018 profile of Rebecca here »


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