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Christoph Benning

Media Coverage

July 24, 2015

EAST LANSING, Mich. -- Christoph Benning, Michigan State University professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, will become the director of the MSU/ U.S. Department of Energy Plant Research Laboratory beginning...

Dennis Pennington

Research Spotlight

July 16, 2015

Sorghum is a C4 grass that has potential as an annual biofuel crop. Sorghum has typically been planted in Michigan as a forage crop. Very little sorghum is grown for...

Press Release

July 02, 2015

The prospect of converting large tracts of the Midwest’s marginal farming land to perennial biofuel crops carries with it some key unknowns, including how such a change could affect the...


Media Coverage

July 01, 2015

A team of investigators at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Michigan State University have created a process for making the work environment less toxic—literally—for the organisms that do the heavy...

Cranberry Farmer

Media Coverage

June 18, 2015

UW-Madison is the fourth-largest research institution in the United States, according to a recent study released by NorthStar Consulting. The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences – CALS – alone...

Gratton Lab Pollinator

Media Coverage

June 16, 2015

As an insect ecologist, the driving force behind my career choices is to conserve insects and biodiversity, but I often feel like those who sound the call to “Save the...

Media Coverage

June 16, 2015

Harold and Edythe Marshall’s gift of their 300-acre farm to Michigan State University has been a major boon to understanding the ecology of new biofuel crops, producing research results with national...

Media Coverage

June 11, 2015

In a back room in the university’s Seeds Building, researchers scan ears of corn—three at a time—on a flatbed scanner, the kind you’d find at any office supply store. After...

Kate VandenBosch

Media Coverage

June 11, 2015

Having an applied research goal can no doubt lend focus to the discovery process. For example, since its inception the charge of the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center here on...

Media Coverage

June 09, 2015

Generating biofuels and bio-based chemicals from plants need a potential feedstock of sugar and the components which provide the same, are termed lignocellulosics. The process of converting plant materials to...

Tim Donohue

Media Coverage

May 28, 2015

Tell us about your company and it’s role in the Advanced Bioeconomy.

Great Lakes Bioenergy is a DOE, Office of Science-funded Bioenergy Research Center. Its mission is to develop ways...

Research Spotlight

May 26, 2015

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and Michigan State University (MSU) report today that emissions of the potent greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N2O) can be reduced significantly by replacing annual...