Biodiversity and Sustainable Bioenergy Exploration Station

Middle School
Exploration Station
Stand-Alone Activity

This Exploration Station highlights the role of biodiversity in sustainable bioenergy cropping systems. “Exploration Stations” are educational activities at public events that invite learners to interact with materials in a hands-on manner, and at their own pace. Learners can spend as much time with the activity as they choose. Exploration stations require one or more facilitators to guide learners through the activity. The facilitators’ role is to take cues from the learner to encourage inquiry-based scientific reasoning and experimentation. This can also serve as a simple engaging classroom activity for elementary and middle school students.

Environmental Science
Biodiversity & Evolution
Biodiversity, plants, bioenergy crops, prairie, ecosystem services, ecology, birds, insects, sustainability
Prior Knowledge
Time Required
30-60 minutes prep time, depending on event/group size. 10-30 minutes for activity.
Required Supplies
Bundles of dried plant specimens (biofuel crops, prairie forbs and grasses), scissors, twine, visual and audio props (insect collections, bird images and songs, etc)