Podcast: You're Part of the Family with Yiying Xiong

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What does it mean to foster an environment that truly feels welcoming? For Yiying Xiong, associate director of the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, it all comes down to treating a team of coworkers like they are part of a family. Xiong spoke with us about her experiences nurturing these families in the hydropower industry and now academic research. She also reveals two factors she thinks make a successful leader: self-confidence and mentorship. 

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Today's episode was hosted by Michelle Chung, assistant editor and former Wisconsin Energy Institute communications intern, and Mary Riker, Wisconsin Energy Institute communications intern.

Editors: Mary Riker, Michelle Chung and Mark E. Griffin
Producers: Michelle Chung, Mark E. Griffin, and Mary Riker
Music written and performed by Mark E. Griffin