About Us


About Us

The mission of GLBRC Education & Outreach is to inform a variety of audiences about bioenergy research, energy concerns, and sustainability issues affecting our planet. Our goal is to broaden the understanding of current issues in bioenergy for the general public,  students, and educators at the K-16 levels. We place a strong emphasis on the use of critical thinking, quantitative reasoning and systems-based logic. Because bioenergy research and development are extremely important contemporary issues, Education & Outreach uses a variety of programs and events to present research from GLBRC labs in a way that is accessible and interesting to a broad array of audiences. GLBRC Education & Outreach resources and projects include:

  • Inquiry-based bioenergy classroom activities for K-16 education
  • Libraries of information on bioenergy, energy and sustainability
  • Summer undergraduate research programs
  • Summer Research Experience for Teachers
  • Public speaking engagements
  • Collaboration with existing education and outreach programs that address bioenergy and related issues

Education Team

John Greenler, GLBRC Education and Outreach Director

Greenler works on GLBRC education and outreach efforts with a diversity of audiences including formal and informal educators, the general public, legislators and scientists. Greenler completed his Ph.D. studies here...

Joyce Parker

Parker works on GLBRC education and outreach at Michigan State University where the emphasis is on developing K12 curriculum materials and doing research on students’ understanding of ideas such as...

Rick Amasino

Amasino’s research focuses on understanding the genetic controls of plant flowering and how flowering is altered in response to environmental variables such as changes in day length or temperature. He...

Sarah Bodbyl Roels

Bodbyl is an evolutionary biologist who works in the areas of mating system evolution, scientific communication and outreach, and K-12 education. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Kansas...

Meghan Collins

Meghan Collins is an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who works on a variety of GLBRC Education and Outreach projects. She is currently studying Civil-Environmental Engineering and Environmental Studies. Her role with GLBRC...