Assembly and comparative genome analysis of a Patagonian Aureobasidium pullulans isolate reveals unexpected intraspecific variation


M. Parra et al. "Assembly and comparative genome analysis of a Patagonian Aureobasidium pullulans isolate reveals unexpected intraspecific variation" Yeast 40:197-213 (2023) [DOI:10.1002/yea.3853]


Aureobasidium pullulans is a yeast-like fungus with remarkable phenotypic plasticity widely studied for its importance for the pharmaceutical and food industries. So far, genomic studies with strains from all over the world suggest they constitute a genetically unstructured population, with no association by habitat. However, the mechanisms by which this genome supports so many phenotypic permutations are still poorly understood. Recent works have shown the importance of sequencing yeast genomes from extreme environments to increase the repertoire of phenotypic diversity of unconventional yeasts. In this study, we present the genomic draft of A. pullulans strain from a Patagonian yeast diversity hotspot, re-evaluate its taxonomic classification based on taxogenomic approaches, and annotate its genome with high-depth transcriptomic data. Our analysis suggests this isolate could be considered a novel variant at an early stage of the speciation process. The discovery of divergent strains in a genomically homogeneous group, such as A. pullulans, can be valuable in understanding the evolution of the species. The identification and characterization of new variants will not only allow finding unique traits of biotechnological importance, but also optimize the choice of strains whose phenotypes will be characterized, providing new elements to explore questions about plasticity and adaptation.

Data Access

The A. pullulans CRUB 1823 strain is deposited in the yeast culture collection of the Centro de Referencia en Levaduras y Tecnología Cervecera (CRELTEC, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina). Further information and requests for cultures should be directed to Diego Libkind ( This Whole Genome Shotgun project has been deposited at DDBJ/ENA/GenBank under the accession JAMRJK000000000. The version described in this paper is version JAMRJK010000000. Raw sequence data and assemblies have been deposited in NCBI archives (GenBank/SRA) under the accession numbers ON262568, ON491420, and BioProject ID: PRJNA830439. Genomic annotation data supporting the findings of this study are openly available in Zenodo at and, reference numbers 7678795 and 7189963. The genomes used in this study are available in GenBank. Accession details are available in Table S1 of this article.

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