Research Associate (Postdoc)

Position Type

Position Summary
A position is available for a Research Associate (Postdoc) to conduct research on isoprene and other terpene metabolism of plants and microorganisms in the laboratory of Thomas D. Sharkey. The position is funded by the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) and is located in the MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory of Thomas Sharkey.

Activities will include

  1. Examining the effects of redirecting carbon flow away from isoprene toward higher order terpenes. In this collaborative project this Research Associate will:
    • Study the effects of the loss of isoprene emission using poplars engineered to stop making isoprene.
    • Study the effects of directing carbon to higher order terpenes (collaboratively with the Bjoern Hamberger Lab)
  2. Test for isoprene synthesis in microorganisms. This work will include:
    • Measure activity of isoprene synthases engineered for targeting with bacterial cells (collaboratively with the Cheryl Kerfeld Lab)
    • Measure isoprene synthesis rates in bacteria with improved methyl erythritol pathway efficiency (collaboratively with Professor Amador’s lab)
  3. Participation in other isoprene-related research in the lab
  4. Timely publication of results

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability or protected veteran status.

Required Degree
Doctorate -Plant or Bacterial related discipline

Minimum Requirements

  • PhD in plant or bacterial related discipline
  • Record of publication in peer-reviewed journals
  • Familiarity with standard molecular biology techniques
  • Familiarity with data management and laboratory management and safety

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience in biochemistry, especially plant biochemistry
  • Gas exchange analysis
  • Large data set handling (R or Python)

Required Application Materials

Please submit:

  • a cover letter describing your interest in the work and your skills relevant to the project,
  • a current curriculum vitae,
  • contact information for three references.
Deadline to Apply