Douglas Landis

Co-Investigator in Sustainable Environmental Performance
University Distinguished Professor of Entomology
Michigan State University

Landis is a Professor of Insect Ecology in the Department Entomology. His research focuses on understanding the factors that influence arthropod biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes. He is the author of over 140 peer-reviewed journal articles, 25 book chapters, and more than 50 Extension bulletins. He has won numerous awards for his work including the Entomological Society of America Recognition Award in Entomology for outstanding contributions to agriculture, and the Outstanding Alumnus Award from North Carolina State University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. He received an MSU Beal Distinguished Faculty Award in 2013, and was named a Fellow of the Entomological Society of America in 2016.

Research Keywords

Sustainability, Biodiversity, Arthropods

Sustainable Bioenergy Cropping Systems