Shawn Kaeppler

Professor, Director of Wisconsin Crop Innovation Center
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Shawn Kaeppler is a professor of agronomy at the University of Wisconsin. He is also the director of the Wisconsin Crop Innovation Center (WCIC), a former Monsanto facility that was gifted to UW-Madison in 2016. WCIC is one of very few public facilities in the country dedicated to plant transformation, where genetically modified plant cells are taken from tissue culture and regenerated into large numbers of complete fertile plants. In his agronomy department research group, his current interests in maize include lignocellulosic biofuel, abiotic stress tolerance, epigenetics, and seed development and composition using genetic and genomic analysis. His genomic research in switchgrass supports development of cultivars for biofuels.

Research Keywords

Feedstocks, Plant Transformation

Sustainable Bioenergy Cropping Systems