Gregg Sanford

Senior Scientist
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Gregg works as a Research Scientist and Senior Lecturer in the UW-Madison Department of Agronomy. Gregg traveled around the world growing up but was very fortunate to spend each summer on our small family dairy farm in the beautiful rolling hills of Viola, WI. After graduating from New College of Florida in 2002 with a B.A. in Biology (Field Botany) Gregg turned his sights toward farming. His professional development has included private sector agricultural research in Florida, working on one of Wisconsin’s largest and most diversified organic vegetable farms, designing and implementing over 20 on-farm research trials, and more than a decade of experience with long-term, large-scale cropping systems experiments at the University of Wisconsin’s Research Stations.

Research Keywords

Agronomic Systems, Marginal Lands

Sustainable Bioenergy Cropping Systems