GLBRC Education & Outreach NewsletterNovember 2012
Report: How GLBRC Supports New Science Education Framework

In this special issue, we present a report to help teachers understand and prepare for the anticipated changes to science education with the release of the Next Generation Science Standards in early 2013. A variety of GLBRC resources and programs that can help educators address these changes are described in the report.

At GLBRC Education and Outreach, we have made it a priority to support educators in implementing the Next Generation Science Standards for K-12 Classrooms (NGSS), which will be released in early 2013.


Our education materials and programs are well aligned to help schools and teachers meet the opportunities and challenges of the NGSS. We are working with those involved in developing the Standards to show how our bioenergy education resources integrate with the Standards, and with the 2012 National Research Council (NRC) Framework for K-12 Science Education upon which they are based.


In our report, Supporting the NRC Framework: Educator Resources for K-12 Science Education, we outline the major changes described in the Framework, and explain how GLBRC resources can be used to help educators address these changes in their teaching. Central to the Framework are three key dimensions for engaging students: (1) scientific and engineering practices, (2) crosscutting concepts, and (3) disciplinary core ideas.  


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