GLBRC Education & Outreach NewsletterMay 2011
Professional Development Opportunities

GLBRC Spring 2011 Seminar Series-talks available online! "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Implications of Future Bioenergy Cropping Systems", "A Reflection on the Evolution of Estimating Future U.S. Ligno-cellulosic Biomass Feedstock" and "BESC Research and Lessons in Pretreatment Chemistry" were added since our last newsletter.


International Biofuels Short Course on Biofuels-offered by Michigan State University and GLBRC. This short course will provide meaningful exposure to topics related to science, technology and policy associated with biofuels, and address the economic, social, ethical, environmental and technological issues associated with the use and management of biofuels.


3rd Annual Upper Midwest Food, Fuel and Fiber Network Tour and Workshop. Aug 23-25, 2011 in Wooster, OH. Bioenergy and sustainable food production practices will be the focus of this event. Educators will gain expertise and opportunities for collaborating on research and education programs. Contact Alan Sundermeier for more information 419-354-9050 or skundermeier.5@osu.edu.


The Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) is launching a quarterly bioenergy newsletter this June. The email newsletter will feature research and event updates from the Center, and also showcase the Center's industry and education programs. Each quarter, the newsletter will highlight the latest bioenergy research going on within the Center, a video from the new Ask an Expert series, events with GLBRC presence and other relevant bioenergy news. The newsletter is geared toward anyone interested in staying up to date on bioenergy news, including the general public, bioenergy industry leaders and legislators.  

Summer Programs for Students

Michigan 4-H Discovery Camp Youth ages 14 to 19 will explore how Michigan's abundant natural resources and growing agriculture industry are changing the face of energy and what it means to your family, Michigan and the world.


Classroom Resources

Renewable and Alternative Fuels: Trends in...2009. US Energy Information Administration page summarizes trends in renewable energy consumption and electricity and provides data tables.


Bioenergykdf.net: A growing "knowledge discovery framework"--national database of information on biofuels, especially useful for visual mapping. It is worth watching the webinar to learn the capabilities of the tool.


Biodiversity Front: A publication put out by GLBRC's biodiversity researchers with overviews of their research and findings written for the general public. The spring 2011 issue is now available.


"Wells to Wheels" CO2 emissions from Alternative Fuels. Graph from NRDC and accompanying article.  


$10,000 grant from Vernier! Win one of 30 technology grants. Apply by June 1.




GLBRC is supported by the Department of Energy and DOE Bioenergy Research Centers 



 Upcoming Events & Professional Development Opportunities

For details on the events below, please visit our website calendar.


May 25, 2011-Larry Meiller Show, Wisconsin Public Radio (Livestream available)


June 20-24, 2011-GK-12 Summer Workshop, Kellogg Biological Station, Gull Lake, MI


June 20-25, 2011-Bioenergy Institute for Educators, Madison, WI


June 29, 2011-WAAE, Wisconsin Association of Agriculture Educators, Green Bay, WI


August 21-26, 2011-International Short Course on Biofuels, E. Lansing, MI


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Contact Information


Feel free to contact us with questions or feedback at education@glbrc.wisc.edu or call 608-890-2828.  If you know others who would like to be added to this list, please send their contact information to education@glbrc.wisc.edu including name, e-mail address, institutional affiliation, city, and state.