GLBRC Education & Outreach NewsletterJune 2011
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We've revised and revamped some of our existing activities.Please take a look at the new and improved versions.


Investigating the Carbon Cycle in Field Systems 

Following carbon from the atmosphere to plants to the roots to the soil and back to the atmosphere involves a complex series of interactions. The set of activities helps students break down components of the carbon cycle to model and measure carbon as it moves through different parts of this system. The activities are broken down into two main categories, 1. atmosphere to plant -- with a focus on photosynthesis and carbon sequestration in roots; and 2. soil to atmosphere--with a focus on soil microbial activity that decomposes plant material and returns carbon to the atmosphere.


Global Energy Flows 

Students analyze data detailing global energy sources and sinks (uses) and construct a diagram to show the relative scale and the connections between them. Discussion of scale, historical, socio-environmental and geographic variation in this data and implications for future energy use are included.

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 Upcoming Events & Professional Development Opportunities

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June 20-24, 2011-GK-12 Summer Workshop, Kellogg Biological Station, Gull Lake, MI


June 20-25, 2011-Bioenergy Institute for Educators, Madison, WI


June 29, 2011-WAAE, Wisconsin Association of Agriculture Educators, Green Bay, WI


August 21-26, 2011-International Short Course on Biofuels, E. Lansing, MI



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